About me

I'm a passionate game developer, always looking for ways to hone my skills!
Currently living in Brasília, Brazil. Unity and C# are my preferred engine and programming language respectively. Looking for a dedicated game programmer? Contact me for contracts or job offers!


Gamer born in 1997, my greatest inspirations are Megaman X and Breath of Fire III! I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University of Brasília, but even during my graduation, I've worked on some professional games. I started going to local Game Jams and later I got contracts from small game studios in Brasília. I've worked with a diverse set of professionals from all sorts of backgrounds, communicating with them was never a problem to me. Dealing with new situations made me develop quick thinking, learning and problem solving skills. I value a great work environment, where the team's members respect and enjoy each other's company. I'm also passionate about teaching others what I know, being teaching assistant many times for some courses in my university and a private teacher for those having a hard time understanding the basics of programming.

I'm currently not looking for new jobs, but feel free to contact me for any contracts or job offers you may have! :D