Huge Youtuber recommended my work

September, 2020

Connor, also known as CDawgVA, hosted an event where his fans could "rent his dating services and go on virtual dates". I got featured with Speedrun Squid, a game made in 3 days by Tavern Tale Studio for this occasion!


November, 2019

I was invited to be an Unity Workshop Mentor for the IFB college students. 4 hours of explaining the game industry, what qualities a game programmer should strive for and teaching about simple game mechanics, C# coding and how to use some of Unity functions.

Introduction to Game Development Course Awards

July, 2018

We participated in the IGDC Awards with "Beetle Sentai Ranger", game developed during the first semester of 2018, less than 2 months of production during this course. We had notable placements in all categories:
- Best Art, 1° Place
- Best Soundtrack, 1° Place
- Best Implementation, Honorable Mention
- Best Game, 2° Place

The beginning, Ludum Dare 39

July, 2017

First time working with a diverse team, making a game in the Unity Engine and doing everything in 48 hours! The event's theme was "Running out of power" and our game was "Drink'Em Up", where you have to defeat the scarecrows and get the highest score while managing your health and drunkness!